OfficeSlice Startup Story – here’s ours, what’s yours?

OfficeSlice is an exciting new business that combines coworking, collaboration, coaching and education focused on one thing, our members success! Who are our members?  They are entrepreneurs, startups, consultants and established business owners that are ready to work, connect and grow their business in the new economy.

How do we do this?  We do this by providing resources and solutions for today’s entrepreneurs through flexible, affordable workspace, networking opportunities, educational and personal growth workshops.  We also offer entrepreneurial coaching to help our members, and the community, clarify their mission statements, business and personal goals.  We also offer Consultants on Call.  Our Consultants have expertise in law, bookkeeping, mentoring, writing and coaching. This popular program is an excellent opportunity to build relationships, engage with members and the community, while assisting everyone to grow their business.

OfficeSlice was inspired by a need in the community for a place where entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, could meet, collaborate, work among like minded people, and grow their business.  There is no other place like it in Los Angeles, and no place like it in the local community.

OfficeSlice is a hub of empowerment, learning and practicing what it takes to create, start, market and run a business.  Many of our entrepreneurs are in transition from being long time employees.  They’ve taken charge of their careers, and have decided to create their future based on their goals and dreams.

There are many women entrepreneurs dreaming of a business venture, or starting and growing their dream business.  However, most are unaware of a place to gather and brainstorm as they struggle to establish themselves.  Many women entrepreneurs believe that they must start their business at the kitchen table, or in the garage, and are not able to venture out into the professional world until “they’ve made it.” Isolation and lack of motivation is a very large part of failure of a business, because you may have hit a road block.  Physically gathering, picking up on the creative energy of other entrepreneurs, the opportunity to brainstorm and work alongside other entrepreneurs will help motivate and energize you!

If you’re tired of working at home in isolation, or fighting for elbow room at the local coffeehouse, and you’re not meeting enough of the right kind of innovative people in order to move your business forward, then coworking at a place like OfficeSlice may be for you.

OfficeSlice offers all the benefits of a traditional office, without the drawbacks. The benefits include a dedicated professional workspace, a conference room to meet clients, and the opportunity to learn and gain new skills through educational and personal growth workshops. Grow your circle of influence, increase your productivity, and balance your work with the rest of your life by giving your business a professional home!

At OfficeSlice we strive to inspire and encourage business relationships and friendships, foster new skills, and create newfound connections. If there’s a downside, we haven’t found it yet—come in and let us show you what coworking can do for you alongside other creative women entrepreneurs!

Our biggest challenge has been educating local women entrepreneurs that there is a place for them to meet professionally, to work affordably and to connect with other dynamic women entrepreneurs and business owners!  We are currently educating local women entrepreneurs through networking, our website, creating radio podcasts and soon, a public relations campaign.  Our biggest results come from meeting women, individually and letting them know there is a place for them to work, connect and grow their business.

Entrepreneurs have stepped out, taken a risk and are pushing their comfort zone and limits.  In order to be successful, those limits need to be pushed even more!  Get out of your house, get totally out of your comfort zone, meet people, and extend yourself!  Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing every day that scares you!”  At OfficeSlice you will be supported, championed, make new connections and build relationships that will enhance your life both personally and professionally!   Come work, connect and grow your business alongside us!

We want to hear your startup story!  Email us at or comment here!