Isolation & business as usual vs. Creative, Collaborative Alliances

Look at that title… where are you right now in the scheme of your business? Are you isolated? Sitting alone at home or in the coffee shop? Or maybe you’re just sitting alone with your ideas because you haven’t met anyone to share them with and help take them to fruition? What is the vision you want to have for your business? 2013 is already showing us that business is not “as usual,” and that it is time to reconnect and create relationships. As entrepreneurs, startups, or independent workers, we are inclined to go it alone. It is time to go further by reaching out to forge creative, collaborative relationships.

According to Karen Kimsey-House, co-founder of the Coaches Training, “As entrepreneurs, we are business pioneers. It’s essential that we learn to create from people who have a very different background and experience than our own. It is only in this way that we will be able to realize the dream of a world that works for everyone.”

Coworking offers entrepreneurs and business pioneers a way to do this. Where else can you meet creative people from varied backgrounds and experiences on any given day in an environment that was specifically created for just such these types of encounters? As we forge ahead into this new century, we’ve become accustomed, way too quickly, to doing business from behind a screen. It is time to put aside the screen, look up, and get back to human interaction and connectedness. From these newly forged relationships, you will increase your circle of influence, which will help you take your business, and your future, to the next step.

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