Gratitude is: Organic Collaborations

I am a new and idealistic entrepreneur.  I became an entrepreneur because it was time for a drastic change, a time to challenge myself, and a time to really put it all out there and see what the universe had in store for me. What I did not realize is how lonely being an entrepreneur can be.  There were many times when I have had to make a tough decision, and no matter how many mentors, friends, business associates, networking partners, referrals you request their input, each will give you a different answer.  Worst of all, you will ignore the answer your gut is telling you to follow.  How do you remain supported within your choices, and move forward through the “mistakes”?  I also learned that as entrepreneurs, we don’t really make mistakes, we just are either too early in the curve, or too late, but we’re always on track!” The Economist Robert Reich, who was Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration, and one of my favorite opinion writers and radio commentators said, “The successful companies of the future, will be those that offer a new model for working relationships based on collaboration and mutual value.”  Which brings us to organic collaborations that have been sprouting at OfficeSlice.

As the founder of OfficeSlice, the only coworking space in the San Fernando Valley, and the only space in Los Angeles focused on working with and helping women entrepreneurs, I believed that opening this space was an opportunity to pioneer a global movement in my own backyard, which I just couldn’t pass up.  Since the opening of the space earlier this year, my whole concept of OfficeSlice and perhaps my experience of coworking has changed drastically.  What I have realized, is how much my idea of what OfficeSlice is actually about (now stay with me) the space, or me, at all!  It is about maintaining and tilling the fertile soil for entrepreneurs, for allowing creation of new connections, new ideas, and collaborations that have been growing organically for the past year.  This is something that was not written nor foreseen in the business plan.  The other important revelation is witnessing the personal growth of many of the entrepreneurs and business owners that have been frequenting the space.  The support they (and me!) receive while in this space has helped them move past their fear, (or move the goal post of fear), and continue the push forward towards their ultimate goal.

This year I’m grateful for so much from new contacts that I made from those coming to tour the space, to those that I met at a multitude of networking events.  New collaborators that started out as people seeking a refuge to work and have made this space blossom with ideas, innovation and strategies to pursue.   New friends that came in as strangers.All of my members that have joined and support the concept of coworking, and are open and available to teach and attend the Lunch ‘N’ Learns.  My Consultants on Call who donate their time to mentor and advise members and the community.  The workshop facilitators that have taught some extraordinary workshops on business and personal growth agendas.  It’s all happening right here in your neighborhood!  We look forward to the new ideas and innovations that will come forth in 2014.  Will you be here with us to break new ground, boost your business and collaborate with others?

Thank you for giving OfficeSlice an outstanding 2013!