Get Connected

Get connected at OfficeSlice!

There is a benefit to getting out of your pajamas, out of the house and into “work.”  Especially if you are a member of a coworking community like OfficeSlice. Why?  Connections.  And we’re talking about getting connected in more ways than one.

According to DeskMag survey, the online magazine devoted to coworking,  96% of respondents claimed community as the most important thing in a coworking space, and 81% said the people were more important than the location or price of coworking.  People over money?  Why?  Because the larger your social network, the bigger your propensity is to prosper.  And not just prosper monetarily, but prosper socially, personally and emotionally.

At OfficeSlice, we are offering members a space to conduct business away from the isolation of home, and the distraction of the coffee house.  Here, you are able to come in, take a comfy seat and start work with little distraction, and yet be surrounded my like minded individuals!  As you get to know your fellow members, you will begin bouncing ideas off each other, seek recommendations, refer each other for business, network, and when the day is done, get a drink at a local tavern (try the Blue Dog Beer Tavern right here in Sherman Oaks!)

Connections will continue to grow the more you use the space.  No matter what your profession, what your business is, planting a seed at OfficeSlice and networking with members will allow you and your business to flourish.  Make 2013 a year for prosperity and growth, become a member of OfficeSlice today.

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