Crowdfunding: Raise money for your Project!

Feral pigs in Texas have nothing to do with coworking… but these pigs were the personal cause of someone who used crowdfunding and YouveGotFunds to raise the seed money to help take care of these destructive pigs! Ellen Sperling of YouveGotFunds stopped by OfficeSlice, coworking space in Sherman Oaks, San Fernando Valley designed for women entrepreneurs, and shared information on the basics of how to start a successful crowdfunding campaign.

What is crowdfunding? “Crowdfunding is a financing method that involves funding a project with relatively modest contributions from a large group of individuals, rather than seeking substantial sums from a small number of investors. The funding campaign and transactions are typically conducted online through dedicated crowdfunding sites, often in conjunction with social networking sites. Depending on the project, campaign contributors may be essentially making donations, investing for a potential future return on investment (ROI), or prepaying for a product or service.”

For those looking to start a business, create a new product, fund a non-profit project, crowdfunding is a new and growing option, open to everyone, to raise seed money and capital. Crowdfunding has been behind the funding for the 3-D printer and Zach Braff’s sequel to “Garden State.” Crowdfunding could be what your project or startup needs to get you to the next level.

Want to find out more? Contact YouveGotFunds! They will work with you to make your campaign successful.

Check out this Lunch N Learn video on the Basics of Crowdfunding with Ellen Sperling of YouveGotFunds. Only at OfficeSlice!