Perhaps you’ve been wondering what it takes to launch your business, or you’ve launched and want to know what it takes to bring it to the next level. You’ve reached out to family and friends, and they’ve had some great advice for you, but something is still lacking. What if you were to join a group where every day you met people that were also in the midst of launching their own businesses, or propelling them to the next level? As an added benefit, what if this group of people brought energy, excitement and knowledge with them every day?

You may think of coworking mainly as a way to obtain professional space to work in without a long-term lease commitment. Beyond being able to work without having to tune out the Mommy & Me group at Starbucks, though, is the benefit of putting yourself among your business peers. By joining a coworking space like OfficeSlice, you put yourself and your business in the midst of a group of people who are committed, who raise the bar each day by challenging their fellow coworkers to create and implement goals.

Synergy, referral, social network growth—these are all benefits of joining a coworking group. Interaction, collaboration and creation of community are reflective of the philosophy behind coworking.  OfficeSlice is dedicated to bringing together dedicated and committed business people who are seeking to enhance their work, increase their productivity, and enlarge their circle of influence. By connecting with other professionals, you have the opportunity to give and receive brainstorming and support. As Napoleon Hill describes in his book Think and Grow Rich, this type of network, which he calls a “Mastermind group,” acts as a catalyst for growth, support, and feedback. He defines such a group as “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” A coworking space is a great way to give yourself the opportunity to meet the people who can inspire you to reach higher, help you look at an old problem in a new way, or give you the serendipitous connection you need to move forward.

Another plus? If you meet a group of people that you enjoy brainstorming with, you can easily create a Mastermind group within the coworking space.  With the amenities provided to our members, you can schedule conference room time to meet, sit at the lounge in comfort and discuss, or get a cup of coffee and brainstorm in the kitchen.

When you’re ready to create your Mastermind group, look for fellow coworkers with the following traits:

  • People who have a similar interest (for example: entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers) or skills and backgrounds that would complement each other
  • Have the desire and commitment to make this year extraordinary
  • Want to reach or exceed their goals
  • Want a supportive team of partners to hold each other accountable
  • Are ready to let their desire and passion for their life and work overcome their fear of change

Don’t hesitate! There are supportive, creative people all around! Join a coworking space (like OfficeSlice) and commit to taking your profession to the next level of success!


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