I like to read… a lot. Right now, on my bedside table I have books by John Wooden, Daniel Pink, Seneca and Calvin & Hobbes. This last tome I turn to whenever I need a new perspective, and gosh darn it, Hobbes gives it to me every time…but I digress.

I like to read a lot, and in a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine (February 2013), marketing guru Seth Godin spoke about the “connection economy.” He says, “We are in an era of handmade insights, of human beings who touch other human beings in some way, making change happen.” This quote resonated with me, because it was a seed of this idea that pushed me to take the leap to become an entrepreneur and open the San Fernando Valley’s first coworking space, OfficeSlice.

Though we are all involved in promoting our businesses on the various social media platforms that exist, and the new ones that seem to pop up every week, it is still the need for one-on-one human connection that leads you to meet. Your new contact becomes a connection that turns into a potential sale, a potential job lead, or into a great client. Face-to-face human interaction and the personal exchange of ideas has always been the basis of a strong business and a strong economy. If you’re hiding behind your computer, isolated, or by yourself at home or in a solo office, you are missing out on opportunities to create your own connection economy. Even if you find yourself alone at a table in the coffee shop, it may be time to get out from behind your computer, extend a hand, and find out what everyone else is doing at the same place with their computers. It may lead to new contacts, sales, or friendships! You don’t know where that first step will take you, but it’s time you made the move to get into the “connection economy.”

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